Sid Ravinutala

Data Scientist

Hi, welcome to my site.

I use this site to blog about interesting/fun statistical methods and algorithms. It's basically a dump of my experiments in varying stages of maturity. Most of my implementations are loosely related to Bayesian Statistics.

Things I love: learning, big cookups with my wife, long conversations with my daughter, being outside, good beer with friends, squash, puzzles, CS, statistics, machine learning, Avatar the Last Airbender, Star `[a-zA-Z]{4}$`, and development economics.

I lead the data science team at IDInsight where we use data analytics to tackle the most pressing issues in international developement. Previously, I worked as a data scientist at Coles Supermarkets and QuantumBlack. And prior to that I was at the Center for International Development at Harvard as a Growth Lab Fellow where I worked on economic complexity and diversification.

I am a graduate of the MPA/ID program at Harvard Kennedy School where I studied Development Economics, Econometrics, and Data Science. I studied Electric Engineering at University of Melbourne as an undergrad and I'm working hard to remember all the stuff I learnt.

Any opinion presented here is entirely mine and do not represent the views of my employer.

You can contact me using one of the channels in the header.