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Last updated on 2021-05-28.


Sid Ravinutala

Data Scientist

Background in Computer Science, Development Economics, and Econometrics. Loves building bespoke machine learning models to inform business actions. Enjoys learning, experimentation, and building things.


Harvard University

MPA/ID, Kennedy School of Government

Cambridge, USA


Areas of study: econometrics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, data science, statistics, machine learning

Thesis: Redesigning India’s Urea Policy (awarded best policy paper)

University of Melbourne

B.Eng (Electrical) & B.Sci (Computer)

Melbourne, Australia


Thesis: Adaptive Clustering for Network Intrusion Detection

Professional Experience

Data Science Director


Cambridge, USA

current - April 2020

  • Establishing and growing the data science function within the organisation.
  • Helping clients discover how data science can address their business challenges.
  • Tech lead / lead data scientist on multiple projects.
  • Example Projects:
    • Predictive model to locate out of school girls in India
    • FAQ Whatsapp bot for vaccine hesitancy for Govt of South Africa.
    • Service for matching beneficiaries with eligible government benefits in India.
    • Optimising school infrastructure investment for the government of Morocco.

Senior Data Scientist

Coles Pty Ltd

Melbourne, Australia

2020 - 2019

  • Built forecasting engine for supermarket items at the store level.
  • Designed and led the build of a forecasting engine for new items.
  • Contributed to an internal package for discrete choice models.
  • Led knowledge sharing on choice models and causal inference.

Senior Data Scientist

QuantumBlack, McKinsey

Cambridge, USA

2019 - 2018

  • Pharma - Mined electronic medical records to understand causes of patient switching behavior.
  • Disaster recovery - Developed Monte Carlo models to quantify uncertainty in key milestones to inform mitigation strategies.
  • Chemicals manufacturing - Identified root cause of variability in production yields. Optimized manufacturing process using genetic algorithms.
  • Internal R&D - Contributed to an internal package for causal inference using Bayesian Networks.

Graduate Research Fellow

Centre for International Development

Cambridge, USA

2018 - 2016

  • Developed statistical models to identify export sector growth opportunities at sub-national level in Colombia.
  • Built collaborative filtering models to predict rural agricultural diversification and recommended possible areas for investment in Colombia.
  • Used Collaborative Filtering and network analysis to understand patterns in global tourism using credit card transactions data.

Team Member/Economist

CEA’s Office, Ministry of Finance

New Delhi, India

2016 - 2015

  • 2016 Economic Survey – Conducted analysis and wrote the chapter on fertilizer subsidy in the 2016 Indian Economic Survey.
  • Policy reform for fertilizer – Demonstrated how current policy leads to shortages and black markets. Worked with Ministry of Fertilizer & Chemicals to design a new policy that was presented to the cabinet.

Senior Associate

Clinton Health Access Initiative

sub-Saharan Africa

2014 - 2012

Access to Medicines/UNITAID Analyst

Clinton Health Access Initiative

Kampala, Uganda

2012 - 2011

Manager, Technology Consulting

Accenture Pty. Ltd

Melbourne, Australia

2011 - 2005

Publications and Presentations

Using machine learning to improve education intervention targeting

CIES 2021 Conference Session



Redesigning India’s Urea Policy, Harvard Kennedy School,

MPA/ID Final Capstone Paper



Economic Survey of India

Ministry of Finance, Government of India



Adaptive Clustering for Network Intrusion Detection

PAKDD 2004: 255-259